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I was impressed. The seniors at the school gave very good information and advice. Don’t focus on cramming the course. But help me find what is right. I’m comfortable like this.

The teachers here teach very well. They are easy to understand, kind, and attentive. Even if we don’t get things straight, they will calmly explain until we can do it. I’d like to add a little more. The school is very clean and friendly.

A great school with qualified and caring teachers in a small class along with an interactive teaching method, the staff is also very nice and friendly.

I think they’re is the one of the best place that we can study IELTS with 4 skills in the same time. That’s great!

It’s a great school with all of the help from teachers and staff. I am really impressed with how much my English has improved since being enrolled in this school.

Teacher Oliver teaches very well. Staff members are very informative. Anyone looking for a place to study IELTS in Chiang Mai is highly recommended.