Westminster teaching method

The modules are developed to ensure our students get their expected score.
We continuously develop our courses, teachers, and staff by having one goal is

“Our student must earn their expected score”

This make us outstanding in both IELTS preparation and study abroad. Furthermore, Westminster is authorized by the British Council as an official IELTS test centre venue both for IELTS on paper and IELTS on Computer. The institute is the first and only IELTS test venue that allows test taker to take both test format.

Courses Information for IELTS

This course is specially designed for students planning to take an IELTS preparatory course. The course focuses on the General and Academic modules and bridges the gap between general English and the IELTS test. There is a focus on developing the vocabulary needed for the topics that often appear in IELTS, and there is a specific focus on developing writing skills. English and the IELTS test.

IELTS Express A is a course for learners who need to review or learn grammar and also build their range of vocabulary. There is a focus on writing sentences and paragraphs with accurate grammar and vocabulary. The speaking module encourages you the opportunity to practise the grammar and vocabulary that has been learnt. There is also a focus on reading and listening skills so that students feel more confident and are more able to quickly find answers to questions. 

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • understand and know how to approach all four parts of the exam
  • write clear and strong topic sentences and develop coherent paragraphs
  • speak more confidently
  • use a wide range of vocabulary and grammar relevant to the exam
  • study in a higher level IELTS course, IELTS Express B

IELTS Express B is a comprehensive and intensive course for IELTS preparation. By understanding clearly what the IELTS examiner is looking for from the speaking and writing parts, we prepare students with the language and skills that they need to tackle these two parts of the exam successfully. Students are given ample opportunities to practise their speaking with feedback provided and therefore develop their confidence. Feedback is provided on a range of writing tasks to enable them to cope with all the question types. Students learn how to read texts and find answers to questions quickly using a variety of reading techniques. When students approach the listening test, we teach them how to anticipate answers to questions, listen for keywords, and learn effective exam strategies. 

After completing this course, students will be able to :

  • use techniques, vocabulary, and grammar to score well on the IELTS exam
  • manage their time during the reading and writing parts of the test
  • recognise and respond to the different types of questions in all parts of the test
  • study in our higher level course, Advanced IELTS, to achieve higher scores. 

The highest level IELTS course offered by our school, this course focuses on language skills and test-taking techniques, and in addition helps students use higher level vocabulary and grammar. Generally speaking, there is a greater focus on Writing and Speaking as we find that students at this level benefit more from teacher input on these ‘productive skills’. While there is often less focus on the Reading and Listening aspects of the course, these too are dealt with thoroughly, and students are encouraged to practice these ‘receptive skills’ in the study lab.

The success of this course is reflected by the fact that we are happy to offer a guaranteed minimum score of 6.5, but in fact most of our students score much higher than this.

After completing this course, students will be able to :

  • confidently handle all types of questions in the listening and reading tests consistently well
  • write strong overviews and structure effective responses to Task 1 writing questions
  • develop cohesive and coherent paragraphs in Task 2 of the writing test
  • use a range of phrases and idiomatic expressions fluently  in the speaking test

Emphasis on providing feedback on Writing & Speaking skills for a target IELTS score of 7.0-8.0.

We offer private one on one classes and private closed group classes upon requisition with the following advantages: 

  • We arrange a timetable upon your availability and needs.
  • You will improve quickly from very intensive attention from the teacher.
  • Your teacher will directly address your specific weaknesses.
  • You will enjoy dramatic improvements in their writing and speaking ability.

This short intensive 30 hour course provides focuses on all the skills required for the IELTS General Training Test.  Even those candidates that have never studied IELTS before can take this course and achieve scores ranging from 5.0 to 6.5. The course is designed to be a practical as possible to get students ready for the test in the most efficient way possible. 

After completing this course, students will be able to :

  • write letters in different styles as required for Writing Task 1
  • write well structured essays for Task 2 writing using coherent paragraphs and introductions
  • confidently handle all types of questions in the listening and reading tests 
  • perform confidently to the speaking test with a good awareness of what the Exam criteria

This course is intended to supplement and complement our IELTS courses, providing students with more opportunities to practice speaking, improve their grammar and extend their vocabulary.

Our Students


Suphitsara (Lookmai)
Suphitsara (Lookmai)MSc. Marketing - University of East Anglia
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They take care of you from the preparation process to preparing for the IELTS test. You can also take the test at Westminster, Chiang Mai, which is very convenient. Westminster teams help me choose a university and submit documents. What I like most is that they always answer questions when I have problems and can give advice at any time.
Chanatsatorn (Nic)
Chanatsatorn (Nic)MSc. Management and Finance - Birmingham City University
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Personally, I was impressed from the first time I contacted WIN. They gave me advice on the IELTS test and also the ability to take the test at Westminster Chiang Mai as well as preparing various documents or even about university. We can tell the faculty we want to study. Then they will look for many universities until we found the course that interested us the most. Including making a visa. The Westminster teams are always helping.
Kanoknut (Ning)
Kanoknut (Ning)MSc. Marketing - University of East Anglia
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Staff is so nice, especially P. Jae. She has taken care of me since the process of preparing documents for a visa, advising an IELTS test and answering all of my queries. Moreover, I had a lot of advice about student life in the UK.
Chayakorn (Korn)
Chayakorn (Korn)MSc. Management - University of Bath
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The staffs are very helpful. They help at every step from choosing a faculty, a university, accommodations and manage documents upon arrival in UK. If I have any inquiries, they responded very quickly. Makes adjusting to coming here not as scary as I thought. It's like there are experienced people to give advice all the time.
Wasan (Warm)
Wasan (Warm)MSc. Business Analytic - University of East Anglia
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They are always giving advice. Help choose a faculty and university, prepare documents, apply for a visa, and give advice on accommodation. You can say that they helps manage everything. It made me adapt here very quickly.Most importantly, they answer messages quickly.You can call to consult at any time.
Naradapawee (Mint)
Naradapawee (Mint)MSc. Sport and Exercise Psychology - University of Essex
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Starting from the first time I wanted to study abroad. Personally, I have almost no English skills. When I went to Westminster Chiang Mai, I received good advice on what areas I need to improve in order to get the IELTS score I want. After that, they helped me choose a university that was suitable for me. Submit all documents and help choose accommodation. Take care of us until we arrive in England. They answer questions very quickly, usually within 24 hours.
Jadesadakorn (James)
Jadesadakorn (James)MSc. Automotive Engineering with Electric Propulsion - University of Bath
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They gave me very good advices. I can ask questions anytime. They Help me choose a university and arrange everything for me until I studied here. I am very impressed with the seniors.
NamfonBSc. (Hons) Marketing - University of Newcastle
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Everyone is very helpful. They not only helping to choose a university but also handles all visa matters. You can ask any inquiries at any time. No matter what problem you have, they'll quickly help fix it.
NiceMSc. Business Analytics - University of Bath
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They helped me from preparing my IELTS score to helping me apply to the university I wanted. Help follow up on various documents from visa application until accommodation selection. Everyone has experience and is here to support and solve every problem.

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